Pinco is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in cleaning productions. Located in Guangdong Jiangmen, covers 20,000 square meters, there are 96 people work in our company.From 2003, we start producing cleaning production. In 2007,the first brand Top Scour was established.

2017, the new factory was built. At the same time, we upgrade our brand from TOP SCOUR to TOP PINCO.

There are 10 departments in Pinco company, we have complete departments which divide the work clearly and a high quality marketing team to operate.

For producing, We upgrade our equipments.There are two new production lines in new factory, the scouring pads machine is imported from RANDO USA.

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There are 7 main workshops in our company.

Include 2 scouring pads production lines, it can manufacture 16,000 m2 scouring pads in one day.

In the foaming and adhesive workshop, there are 2 cutting machines, 1 gluing machine, 1 adhesive machine and 1 foaming machine, daily output 2800 m2 sponge scrubber and 100 m3 foam.

There are 2 Cutting and punching workshops include 3 cutting machines and 5 punching machines. The daily output of cutting workshop is 5000 m2 sponge scrubber, and daily output of punching workshop is 3000 m2.

For the 2 packing workshops, there are 2 auto packing lines and 5 manual packing lines, 3 containers production can be loaded in one day.

Square Meters

Has a professional sales and design / quality control / transportation / research and development department.


Including scouring pads, sponge scrubbers, polishing floor pads, cleaning brushes, car sponges, bath sponges, stainless steel scourers, and other related products.


Our integrated production lines of scouring pads, sponges and stainless steel scourers enable us to provide our customers with quality products and efficient services. 

Answering any detailed enquiry promptly,Guaranteeing punctual delivery

Offering different materials, designs, colors, weights, and dimensions for specific technical needs

Providing serialized, pre-production, in-production and post-production services for each purchase order

OEM and ODM service offered, design service offered, shipment service offered

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